Preliminary Programme:

Ieva Pigozne:
Colours of Latvian Archaeological Textiles and Their Meaning According to Latvian Folklore and Mythology

Beatrix Nutz:
Medieval and Early Modern Silk Textiles in Tyrol. Extant Finds, Production and Trade.

Harma Piening:
The riddle of a plied shoe, concealed in a building.

Katrin Kania:
Patterns in Tablet-Weaving - how might they have been achieved?

Margit Hofmann:
Practical investigations of pH changes when dyeing silk in indigo vats

Petra Linscheid:
Cultivated and wild silk: Middle byzantine silk finds from Amorium (Turkey)

Excursion to the special exhibition "Expedition Mittelalter" to the Schnütgen-Museum in Cologne, with several spectacular silk textiles on display.