Your Stay at Lorsch

Lorsch is a small town at the Bergstraße in the federal state of Hessen, Germany. Its most famous building, at least among archaeologists and historians, is a Carolingian Gate Hall, situated on the monastery grounds. The Lorsch monastery is a UNESCO world heritage site.  You can read more about it on the Wikipedia page about Lorsch

To get to Lorsch, you can use public transport to reach it from the nearest airports in Cologne, Saarbrücken, Frankfurt/Hahn, and Frankfurt/Main. Frankfurt/Main is the closest airport by far, only about 60 km from Lorsch. The full address of the Laboratory's Visitor Information Centre is Im Klosterfeld 12-16, 64653 Lorsch.

Public transport may take quite some time to reach Lorsch; if you need to take a late train or plane and run into trouble with finding an acceptable connection, please let us know far enough in advance, and we will try to help you reach our venue. When you are booking your tickets and boarding the train, make sure you are going to Lorsch (with an s) and not to Lorch am Rhein.

We will also try to help you with public transport timetables to make your journey as easy as possible. At the train stations, information is usually also available in English, including English options for the ticket vending machines.

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems.

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