Your Stay at Mayen

Mayen is also called "Gate to the Eifel" and lies close to a volcanic region in Germany. You can read more about it on the Wikipedia page about Mayen. A nearby attraction is the Volcano parc.

To get to Mayen, you can use public transport to reach it from the nearest airports in Cologne and Frankfurt/Main. The full address of the laboratory is An den Mühlsteinen 7, 56727 Mayen.

If you come from the north or fly in via Cologne Airport, it is easiest to take a train to Mayen Ost via Andernach (change in Andernach); you may need to buy separate tickets for that leg of the journey at one of the ticket vending machines (there is an English language setting available). If you come from the south, you might want to come via Koblenz instead.

If you are taking a train right to Mayen, please note that there are two stations - the one you want is Mayen Ost, which is about 800 m walk from LEA. To reach our venue, when you come out of the station building, turn right, then turn right again at the next crossroads. Follow that road; it leads through a tunnel underneath the train tracks, then takes a bend to the right. A little further on after that bend take a very sharp left turn onto "An den Mühlsteinen" and follow that road straight on until you see the Vulkanparkzentrum on your right. In case you have a lot of luggage or are unable to walk, we can arrange a pickup for you.

Public transport may take quite some time to reach Mayen; if you need to take a late train or plane and run into trouble with finding an acceptable connection, please let us know far enough in advance, and we will try to help you reach Mayen.

The laboratory buildings are behind this building:

 vulkanpark building

We will also try to help you with public transport timetables to make your journey as easy as possible. At the train stations, information is usually also available in English, including English options for the ticket vending machines.

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems.

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