Photos by Katrin Kania, 2013

Decorative Elements in Textiles. Laboratory for Experimental Archaeology, Mayen, Germany, 2-8 September 2013.

The fourth European Textile Forum ran from September 2-8 2013 in the Lab for Experimental Archaeology in Mayen.

Our focus topic in 2013, "Decorative Elements in Textiles", included techniques such as dyeing, embroidery, printing, and painting on textiles. The week's activities included an experiment on resist dyeing as well as additional tests about textile imprints in ceramics. For all this, the wonderful infrastructure of the LEA again proved to be invaluable.

You can find out more about the resist dyeing tests in the Result Summaries section.

This year's conference included a slight re-formatting of our programme structure, matching each presentation with a corresponding practical session.

Programme of the Textile Forum 2013