Very often, getting a proper publication of an item, project or experiment written and published can take a long time. Meanwhile, the information about the project is not available to colleagues and peers - who might have similar questions, or who might have answers to (remaining) questions. Because of this, we have started to publish result summaries on our website.

Our result summaries are intended as short summaries of results from tests, experiments, workshops and practical sessions. These are intended to help get out information about techniques, tests and possible problems or interesting aspects, and to help researchers establish contact to others working on the same or on similar topics. Your result summaries don't need to be very long, or very elaborate - the aim is to get word out about the topic or item, and to help connect you as the researcher and other people working on similar things.

To write a result summary, our suggestion for the page is: 

One paragraph or two about what the project or experiment is about; a paragraph or two explaining the item in question, or for an experiment the design and process.

Finally, a paragraph with the (preliminary) results, plus a few pictures to illustrate. If there are further publications about this item or this topic, links or references are very welcome. 

If you are happy with providing your contact address directly, please include it. Otherwise we are happy to forward any questions or contact requests to you.

That is all that is necessary for your result summary!

Planning an experiment in enough detail is crucial - it is amazing how easy it is to forget something when planning only to find oneself in real trouble in the middle of the experiment. To help you plan and design your archaeological experiment, here is a template that will hopefully be of use for you:

Experiment Planning Template, rtf format

Experiment Planning Template, doc format

If you need the template in another file format, or you have feedback/suggestions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!