2009: Spinning Experiment (Katrin Kania)

The Spinning Experiment took place in 2009 and aimd to evaluate the different influences on yarn spun on hand-spindles. Altogether, 14 spinners participated, spinning a toal of 10 samples each. The results of the experiment have been published here:

Kania, Katrin. "Soft yarns, hard facts? Evaluating the results of a large-scale hand-spinning experiment." Journal for Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences (2013).

Kania, Katrin. "The Spinning Experiment – Influences on Yarn in Spinning with a Handspindle." In Ancient Textiles - Modern Science, edited by Heather J. Hopkins, 11-29. Oxford: Oxbow Books, 2013.

These are the documentation and raw data files from the Spinning Experiment 2009. You may download, copy and use this data for private and scientific purposes, provided you give credit to Katrin Kania and include a link to this page. Please note that the files may be very large.

If the data help you in your work, I would much appreciate to hear about it, as well as if there are any problems with the uploaded files or questions about them.

This experiment would not have been possible without the participating spinners, and they have my gratitude.